Chair of Application and Selection Committee

Instructor, Building National Visibility by Leveraging Social Capital

Associate Professor of Family Medicine

Oregon Health and Science University

Dr. Brodt was recruited to OHSU in 2015 to devote a major portion of his professional effort to increasing AIAN student and faculty recruitment and developing a long-term sustainability plan to improve AIAN education and health outcomes. Dr. Brodt possesses a keen understanding of health pathway and faculty development programs-- having mentored nearly 200 AIANs into medical school during his career. Nationally, Dr. Brodt has worked with the Association of American Indian Physicians (AAIP) board, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and the AAMC to advise on AIAN health, faculty development, and medical education. Dr. Brodt was the founding director of the University of Wisconsin Native American Center for Health Professions (UW-NACHP), which yielded unprecedented results in the recruitment, training, and retention of AIAN health professional students and faculty during his time as director. In 2017, Dr. Brodt founded the OHSU Northwest Native American Center of Excellence, which has made tremendous strides in the recruitment and retention of both AIAN medical learners and faculty at OHSU. Dr. Brodt brings extensive experience in AIAN health workforce development and a vision for bold and novel interventions to achieve desired outcomes. Dr. Brodt is recognized as an emerging thought-leader in AIAN pathway programming and faculty development-- his contributions toward advancing the literature on these subject and digital media innovations are rivaled by few.

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