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Non-Degree Option

Whether you’re considering one of our degree programs and want to begin with a few courses prior to applying, or you’re a health professional looking for additional training—you can enroll at the Institute for Clinical Research Education as a non-degree student. A non-degree student at the ICRE is one who is enrolled on a semester-by-semester or course-by-course basis.

Summer 2023 Enrollment Requests accepted March 27, 2023 to April 24, 2023. Non-degrees who request enrollment during the given timeframe will be officially enrolled during the week of May 1st if there are seats available.

Please note - The following summer courses are not available to non-degree students:

  • CLRES/MEDEDU 2005: Computer Methods in Clinical Research
  • CLRES/MEDEDU 2010: Clinical Research Methods
  • CLRES/MEDEDU 2020: Biostatistics
  • CLRES/MEDEDU 2040: Measurement in Clinical Research

Fall 2023 Enrollment Requests accepted July 5, 2023 to August 7, 2023. Non-degrees who request enrollment during the given timeframe will be officially enrolled during the week of August 21st if there are seats available.

At the ICRE, non-degree students may register for courses on a limited basis according to seat availability in the fall and spring semesters. The clinical research core, which consists of CLRES 2005 Computer Methods in Clinical Research, CLRES 2010 Clinical Research Methods, CLRES 2020 Biostatistics, and CLRES 2040 Measurement, is not available for non-degree enrollment. Please refer to our website for accurate course schedules as the Pitt Course Catalogue frequently lists our courses incorrectly.

To take courses at the ICRE, prospective non-degree students are required to complete the Non-Degree Application and submit an enrollment form. All non-degree students will be added to an internal waitlist (not a PeopleSoft waitlist) once they have submitted their signed enrollment form to the Student Services Coordinator.

Waitlisted students will be notified if a seat is available in their requested course(s) prior to the start of term. However, non-degree students enrolled in another program at Pitt should not rely on ICRE courses to reach a credit requirement as our class sizes are limited and non-degree students are not guaranteed a seat. We reserve the right to drop a non-degree student from the course if, prior to the first day of class, an ICRE degree-seeking student requests a seat and the class is full.

Non-degree students can take up to 9 credits at the ICRE in total. Once that credit limit is reached, the non-degree student is no longer eligible to enroll in additional credits unless they apply to and are accepted into a formal degree program. If they are accepted into a formal degree program in the future, that program will decide which of those previously completed credits may be applied to their program requirements. Students will also be required to meet the graduate pre-requisite(s) for their desired course.

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