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Certificate in Clinical and Translational Science for Graduate Students in the Health Sciences

Designed for graduate students in the Schools of the Health Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh who are interested in clinical and translational research

The Certificate in CTS for Graduate Students in the Health Sciences supplements and enhances doctoral programs in basic science, clinical research, and other fields. The program provides an opportunity for students in these programs to learn the skills needed to conduct high-quality clinical and translational research.


  1. Dynamic Curriculum

    The curriculum provides trainees with instruction in translational research methodology, and is aimed at developing the practical skills required in the design, conduct, and interpretation of clinical research.

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  3. Research Mentorship

    Students work with their mentoring team to ensure their doctoral research is informed by the training gained from this certificate program.

For information on the curriculum, program requirements, and tuition, see the Program Details page.


Kerry M. Empey, PharmD, PhD

Director of the Certificate in CTS for Graduate Students Program

Institute for Clinical Research Education
200 Meyran Avenue, Suite 300
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

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