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Non-Degree Option


Spring 2023 Enrollment Requests accepted November 14, 2022 to December 12, 2022. (Non-degrees who request enrollment will be officially enrolled during the first week of January 2023 if there are seats available.)

Each term, non-degree students may begin submitting their enrollment forms when the University's Open Enrollment period begins. The deadline for submitting an enrollment request is three weeks prior to the first day of the term. Enrollment selections for the entire term must be finalized prior to sending the enrollment form to the Student Services Coordinator.

To Apply:

  1. Go to the ICRE Non-Degree Application

  2. Remember to click the button at the bottom of the page that says "Nondegree coursework"

  3. Fill out the form and hit the "Submit" button once complete.

To complete an Enrollment Form:

  1. Download the Enrollment Form here

  2. Check our course offerings on our website for the most accurate dates and times. NOTE: ICRE course listings on the Pitt Course Catalog are often incorrect and should not be referenced.

  3. Fill out the following information:
    1. Your name
    2. Your Student ID number (if you were or are currently a student at Pitt)
    3. The courses you would like to attend in the “Add” column. We only need the Class Number, Subject, Catalog Number, and Units.
    4. Your signature at the bottom

  4. Send your completed Enrollment Form to the Student Services Coordinator, Megan Dooley, who will place you on the internal waitlist. You will be notified before the start of the term if there is a seat available.

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