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Certificate in Clinical and Translational Science for Graduate Students in the Health Sciences

Program Details

The Certificate in CTS for Graduate Students requires the completion of at least 11 credits in select clinical research courses. Pharmacy students with no prior clinical experience are required to take PHARM 3067 Clinical Pharmacy Environments which is a 2 credit course and increases the credit minimum for this certificate to 13. Students are able to enroll in additional elective courses at the ICRE beyond the program course requirements.

The curriculum includes structured didactic techniques that are complemented with hands-on experience in clinical research methodology. The set of required courses has been carefully designed to provide some level of reinforcement without redundancy.

CLRES 2005 Computer Methods in Clinical Research
CLRES 2010 Clinical Research Methods
CLRES 2020/Other graduate level statistics course
CLRES 2050 Ethics and Responsibility Conduct of Research
PHARM 3067* Clinical Pharmacy Environments
CLRES 2021 Regression and ANOVA
CLRES 2022 Logistic Regression

*Only required for students in the School of Pharmacy with no prior clinical experience.

Each student in the Certificate in CTS program is assigned a Certificate Program adviser. Their adviser not only helps students select the most appropriate courses for each term, but also provides individualized guidance on the translational aspects of the student’s doctoral research. Depending on a student’s progress in their doctoral training, their adviser could: 1) help the student select their MS/PhD mentoring committee (and potentially serve on it), 2) guide the development of specific translational components of the student’s research, or 3) provide aid to those in basic science as they derive implications of their research on health care practice.

Tuition and Fees

Information regarding tuition and mandatory University Fees is maintained by the University of Pittsburgh Office of Institutional Research.

Financial Aid

The Institute for Clinical Research Education does not provide financial aid. Unless students have other funding sources, they are responsible for covering the tuition costs, taxes, and fees associated with their course enrollment.

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