July 26, 2019

The ICRE Welcomes Its Summer Cohort

The ICRE welcomed 90 trainees into its various degree and training programs this summer. The newest cohort has members from 15 different University departments and includes trainees ranging from medical students to University faculty members. Many new trainees began the ICRE’s Summer Core courses on July 1. These courses provide training in the foundations of clinical research and include classes in Biostatistics, Clinical Research Methods, Measurement and Clinical Research Computer Methods.

The ICRE currently offers these summer courses in a flipped-classroom, hybrid format, which allows trainees greater flexibility while managing their various responsibilities. The lectures are available to students online and are viewed outside of in-person class time. The face-to-face meetings are reserved for active learning in recitation and small group–style settings. The ICRE continues to explore innovative approaches to education and assessment for our unique adult-learner trainee population.

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