October 5, 2021

Medical Education Program Alumni Named to Academy of Master Educators

The 6th Annual Medical Education Day, sponsored by the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine Academy of Master Educators and Office of the Vice Dean, was held on September 17, 2021. Medical Education Day offers an opportunity for the UPSOM community to gather, discuss medical education innovations, and learn what medical educators are doing at Pitt. Keynote speaker Dr. Karen Hauer from the University of California San Francisco offered an engaging talk on coaching and competency-based medical assessment.

In addition to several workshops and poster sessions, the names of the new Academy of Master Educators inductees were announced. The UPSOM Academy of Master Educators is a prestigious organization that recognizes and rewards excellence in education, strives to advance education through innovation and professional development of faculty, and supports and promotes educational scholarship. Ten of the new inductees are graduates of the ICRE’s Master of Science in Medical Education Program. Congratulations to the following faculty on this well-deserved honor!

Julie Childers, MD, MS
Jennifer Corbelli, MD, MS
Anna Donovan, MD, MS
Amar Kohli,MS, MS
Melinda Hamilton, MD, MS
Erika Friehling, MD, MS
Jason Moore, MD, MS
Arvind Srinath,MD, MS
Katie Berlacher,MD, MS
Christopher Schott, MD, MS

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